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Kleinhenn Fundraising has more than 75 years of experience in making fundraisers successful and is one of the oldest fundraising companies in the country. The company was founded by a man named Melvin Kleinhenn in 1940. At that time, students who sold fundraising items would receive a Bible as a reward, which caused Mel to become known as the “Bible Man.” Because of their history in the fundraising industry, they know how to adapt to trends and take advantage of new opportunities to make fundraising work.


Kleinhenn works with schools, sports groups, and others to help them overcome their challenges and meet their fundraising goals. They will personalize fundraising plans and help their clients select the right fundraiser for their organization, and they also offer free student incentives to encourage student participation in fundraisers. Kleinhenn also makes it a priority to be a part of their clients’ fundraising programs, which includes communication, planning, and customer service. Because of their size, they are able to offer individual attention and support for each organization they work with. The Kleinhenn team is available to answer questions and address concerns regarding ordering, product descriptions, and any other concern that arises for organizers, parents, or customers.


Kleinhenn offers a wide variety of high-quality food, gifts and other fundraising opportunities for your school fundraiser. They also offer no-hassle replacements and individual packaging for the convenience of the organization who is doing the fundraising. Their full-color brochures nicely feature the fundraiser products and make it easy for customers to see what they will receive when they purchase a product for the fundraiser.


Kleinhenn Fundraising is a sister company of, My Holiday Fair, which is a school fundraiser opportunity specifically designed for schools. The My Holiday Fair holiday shop fundraisers are a way to not only help schools raise money but also to encourage life skills and giving for students.

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