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Anderson Wesley Church – Methodist Church in Anderson Indiana

Anderson Wesley Church

Wesley Free Methodist Church

Methodist Church

Wesley Free Methodist Church in Anderson, Indiana began as a small group of people who were striving to live out Christianity according to scripture. They first began meeting in a Holiday Inn then in a Seventh Day Adventist church. As they grew, they began meeting in an Anderson school and finally moved to their own building on west 8th street.


The church identifies with the scriptural doctrines of John Wesley. In their statement of beliefs, they believe:

  • The body of Christ transcends denominations and includes all who follow Jesus
  • The Word of God was inspired by the Holy Spirit and fully trustworthy
  • God is the creator of all things
  • Jesus is the son of God who offered himself on the cross for the forgiveness of sins and the salvation of those who put their faith in him
  • Salvation is evident in the lives of believers through their desire to live according to God’s will
  • Jesus will one day return and those who have put their faith in him will be resurrected and taken to heaven along with those believers who are currently living
  • Those who did not put their faith in Jesus will be separated from God eternally


This Methodist church is built on a vision to love God, love others, and lead people to a growing relationship with Christ. To this end, they place emphasis on their goals to communicate, celebrate, cultivate, and connect with their local community. They strive to communicate Christ’s love, grace, and compassion not only to one another but also to those who do not know Christ. They also celebrate their freedom in the forgiveness of their sins and new life through Christ. The Wesley Free Methodist Church also works to cultivate spiritual and personal growth in their members through small groups, counseling, and other avenues. And finally, they are committed to connecting with one another and creating unity.

Wesley Free Methodist Church

3017 W 8th St, Anderson, IN 46011

(765) 642-5315