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Eagle Creek Nursery – Landscape Design Company near Anderson Indiana

Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape

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Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape is a landscape company in Indianapolis, located on the northeast side of the circle.

They provide a multitude of services related to making sure you lawn is the envy of the neighborhood.  Whether you’re looking for plants, trees or bushes to install yourself, or you’d like a professional landscape architect to design the outdoor living space of your dreams, Eagle Creek is the place you’re looking for!

Their service is unmatched because of the expertise they boast throughout their entire staff.  They are knowledgeable about their products, and truly exude a heart of service to their clients, and the community in general.

While they aren’t located directly here in Anderson, Indiana, they make the directory because of their relationship with Anderson natives.  Eagle Creek not only employs people who were born and raised in Anderson, but they also choose to bring their marketing business back to the city as well.

Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape

8160 Lafayette Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46278

(317) 793-3993

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