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Global PLM Solutions – Product Lifecycle Management in Anderson Indiana

Global PLM Solutions

Global PLM Solutions

Product Lifecycle Management

Global PLM Solutions is contributing to business development in the Anderson area. The walk companies through their product lifecycle management process, helping them make the right decisions for their companies. They are dedicated to providing the smartest product lifecycle management solutions for their customers. Whether you are new to product lifecycle management or are already using product lifecycle management, Global PLM Solutions has a solution for your business. They know that product lifecycle management can be expensive, and they provide solutions with minimum expense and disruption for their clients’ companies.


Global PLM Solutions provides the total solution, including services such as:


  • Consultation – Global PLM Solutions meets with businesses to learn their needs and develop a plan
  • Model Based Enterprise – Computerized modeling helps save time and money, and Global PLM Solutions will train staff on how to use the software.
  • Data Migration – Global PLM Solutions will recommend software that integrates data automatically, lessening the data migration load
  • product lifecycle management implementation and training – Global PLM Solutions walks alongside businesses to implement and train staff during the product lifecycle management implementation and training.
  • System Architecture – Helps define and refine system architecture.
  • Process Development – Global PLM Solutions also helps their clients streamline their processes and help develop lean, optimized, and efficient processes.


These services are both IT and non-IT related services. And since Global PLM Solutions does not sell the software they recommend, clients can rest assured that they are recommending the software that is truly right for them and not just the software that will benefit Global PLM Solutions.


Clients of Global PLM Solutions go through a common process, which starts with a kick-off meeting. After the kickoff meeting, area meetings are held, and Global PLM Solutions works with clients to review and document processes. Next, they develop a resource plan and implement that plan. During this phase, vendors are selected, and an RFP is processed along with developing a requirements document. The next phase involves data migration and validation. And finally, Global PLM Solutions helps clients implement employee training. They also provide on-going support for their clients so they aren’t left to navigate the new product lifecycle management process themselves.

Global PLM Solutions

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