Growth Potential

Historic Anderson BuildingFor the first time in decades, Anderson has been experiencing an economic upturn in employment and education rates. Though Anderson has historically had difficulty maintaining employment rates, especially during the slump following the depletion of natural gas in the area, trends are finally shifting to give a more positive outlook for Anderson.

As recent as 2015, unemployment rates have declined by more than half of what they were back in 2010. While rates were around 12.1% in 2010, that percentage has dropped to only 6.0% in 2015. Additionally, overall unemployment rates in the state of Indiana have been dropping, with rates more than halved since 2010.

Anderson has also performed well in monthly unemployment rates, with numbers decreasing by nearly 2 percentage points from October 2014 to September 2015. These statistics are actually better than the state of Indiana’s monthly statistics, since unemployment rates decreased by only 1.6 percentage points over 12 months. This shift means that Anderson is finally closing the gap for unemployment rates when compared to Indiana.

Additionally, Anderson rates for education have greatly improved for individuals over age 25, particularly in higher education. Percentages for individuals over 25 with at least a high school diploma has increased from 73.5 percent in 1990 to 87.0 percent in 2013. In turn, rates for adults without a high school diploma have decreased, with 26.5 percent for 1990 and 13.0 percent in 2013. As for higher education, percentages have increased for individuals over 25 who have some college experience, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor’s degree. These percentages have increased by a few percentage points over the past ten years, which is already up a few percentage points from the previous ten years. The upward trend of higher education rates is also particularly beneficial for the city of Anderson, since higher education typically means higher success and standard of living for the individual.

Future trends suggest that Anderson’s unemployment rates will still decrease while education rates, particularly higher education, will increase. The gap between the state of Indiana’s rates and Anderson’s rates also looks to steadily decrease until their rates are nearly comparable.

All of these trends suggest that Anderson is steadily improving and becoming a great location for anyone looking for a fresh start or to start a local business. Additionally, Anderson is the perfect location for starting a small business, since competition and rental rates are still low while the economy promises to steadily improve. As for educational opportunities, Anderson offers several options for local public and private high schools,  and is also home to Anderson University. Anderson University’s multiple programs offer traditional undergraduate courses and adult studies for individuals of all ages, in addition to graduate programs for individuals pursuing their MBA or Master’s in Theology.

Anderson, in spite of its history, is finally seeing upward trends that promise growth and new opportunities. With higher employment and education rates on a constant rise, individuals interested in owning a small business or starting fresh with their family would be perfectly suited for Anderson, Indiana.