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Warner Press

Warner Press

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Christian Publishing CompanyOriginally The Gospel Trumpet Publishing House founded by Daniel Sydney Warner in 1881, Warner Press is a not-for-profit Christian publishing and distribution company based in Anderson. Their goal is to help churches and Christian organizations communicate better and develop biblical literacy and spiritual growth. They also strive to help churches share the good news of the gospel with the world around them. Their purpose is to glorify God and advance the kingdom by equipping churches the tools and service they need.


Warner Press operates and publishes their works based on core values of scripture, servanthood, character, and stewardship:


  1. Scripture – They believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and that they guide believers for what God wants them to do
  2. Servanthood – They believe that believers are called to serve one another and the community around them as Christ commanded.
  3. Character – They believe that character is evidence of Christ in their lives and that this character produces high standards of ethics, honesty & integrity.
  4. Stewardship – They believe that every believe is called to manage their gifts wisely, whether it be their time, talents, or other blessings they have been given.


Located in the same city where the Church of God was established and where the Church of God based Anderson University resides, Warner Press has historically been the publishing House for the church of God. Among a number of other resources, they publish works on Church of God history and theology.


Other categories of resources the publishing company provides are children’s curriculum for children preschool through twelfth grade, resources that help believers grow together in community, and Tree 1:3, which encourages spiritual formation through Bible study, reflection, and prayer. Warner Press is also the exclusive distributor of Francis Asbury Press titles, which are works published on topics of growth in holiness.

Warner Press

2902 Enterprise Dr, Anderson, IN 46013