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private fleet backhaul

Private Fleet Backhaul

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Private Fleet Backhaul is a 3rd party logistics service helping to create efficient, cost-effective shipping logistics for their clients. They are essentially a broker, connecting shippers and with carriers and facilitating efficient logistics for both. They do this by using backhaul capacity, which involves the idea of carrying freight in what would be an otherwise empty trailer after a delivery. Hence, they are not only facilitating the transportation of freight to specific locations, but they are also hauling freight back from that location. Generally, this backhaul load comes from another nearby shipper. This process helps reduce their client’s carbon footprint because it saves a trip that another carrier would have made otherwise.


Private Fleet Backhaul boasts a 97.6% on time delivery rate. They never use load boards because they prefer to know the details of shipments and to their carriers well.

Due to their exceptional communication, attention to detail, and their ability to adapt to each customer’s needs, they are easy to work with for both carriers and shippers. They also provide their customers with status updates on their shipments and notify them when potential issues may be imminent.


By focusing on efficient partnerships, Private Fleet Backhaul acts as an extension of a company’s logistics department, helping to fill their empty backhaul miles to save money and generate revenue. As an extension of their clients’ logistics department, Private Fleet Backhaul takes into account each client’s needs, challenges, and constraints. Then, they develop a solution that is beneficial to the client’s business.


Private Fleet Backhaul has a preferred carrier network of 200 fleets. Twenty-five of these fleets are part of the Transport Topics Top 100 private fleets. These fleets are selected carefully to help Private Fleet Backhaul properly maintain their standards of excellence. Private Fleet Backhaul is able to maximize the efficiency of all their clients’ logistics by helping to create a synergistic relationship between their clients.

Private Fleet Backhaul

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