Anderson, Indiana, Business Development

Flagship Enterprise Center – Business Incubator in Anderson Indiana

Flagship Enterprise CenterBusiness Development, Business Incubator The Flagship Enterprise Center (FEC) strives to make a difference in the Anderson community by fostering an environment where entrepreneurial business leaders can establish and encourage businesses development in the area. Their aim is to use their facilities to help renew the market of the Anderson area and foster
Anderson, Indiana, Business Development

Corporation for Economic Development – Job Growth in Anderson Indiana

Corporation for Economic DevelopmentBusiness Development, Job Growth, Economic Development The corporation for economic development (CED) is committed to fostering business development, job growth, and economic diversity in the city of Anderson. The corporation was formed in the 1980’s through the merge of the Anderson Business Development Corporation and the Anderson Downtown Development Corporation. The CED
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Christian Center – Rescue Shelter in Anderson Indiana

Christian CenterRescue Shelter, Homeless Shelter The Christian Center is a rescue shelter located downtown Anderson. It offers emergency shelter for guests with immediate physical needs. However, the Christian Center is not just a homeless shelter. Programs such as the community dining room, community assistance, and the thrift shop also help to serve the hurting in
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Park Avenue Solutions – Process Improvement in Anderson Indiana

Park Avenue SolutionsProcess Improvement Park Avenue Solutions plays an integral role in business development and growth by implementing process improvement to help achieve greater returns. They do this by empowering teams to make improvements themselves, imbedding change initiative in company culture, which in turn makes these changes sustainable. They serve businesses in a variety of
Anderson, Indiana, Business Development

Madison County Chamber of Commerce – Business Development in Anderson Indiana

Madison County Chamber of CommerceBusiness, Business Development, Commerce, Madison County Located downtown Anderson, Indiana, the Madison County Chamber of Commerce seeks to improve and advance not only business development, but also the community and beyond. The Chamber has a long history in the city. According to records, the Chamber was first established in 1905 and