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Park Avenue Solutions

Park Avenue Solutions

Process Improvement

Park Avenue Solutions plays an integral role in business development and growth by implementing process improvement to help achieve greater returns. They do this by empowering teams to make improvements themselves, imbedding change initiative in company culture, which in turn makes these changes sustainable. They serve businesses in a variety of industries, including distribution, financial & banking, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, medical devices, and more. Park Avenue Solutions solves problems and improves processes such as productivity improvement, asset utilization, quality management systems, quality improvement, capacity rationalization & consolidation, cycle time reduction, efficiency improvement, inventory reduction, yield loss management, and complex technical/quality problems for businesses in these industries.


In order to make changes to processes, Park Avenue Solutions goes through a 6-step approach with each of its clients. First, they assess the business and determine the returns the business can expect to see. Next, they develop a plan along with a training program for the improvement process. After creating the plan, it is ready to be piloted, which mean a few associates will be trained in the new process, and the process improvement will be monitored and adjusted as needed before being implemented across the company. After the pilot, the new plan is ready to be deployed. This means that everyone across the company will now participate in the process improvements, which were proven effective in the pilot phase. During this phase, employees go through  training on integrating the new systems with the old. Finally, the last phase in the 6-step approach is to sustain the new improvements. Park Avenue Solutions does this by setting up a system of checks in order to maintain control of the new processes.

Park Avenue Solutions

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