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Miriam Project

Miriam Project Adoption Services

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Christian Adoption AgencyThe Miriam Project is a Christian Adoption Agency established by Madison Park Church of God. It is named after Moses’ sister, Miriam, who saw to it that he was placed in a loving home and was well cared for. The adoption agency is built on the belief that all children are a treasure, have great potential, and deserve to be loved. To this end, Miriam project connects birth mothers and adoptive parents, giving birth mothers who are unable to provide for their babies a place to turn to be able to give them a loving home.


Expectant Parents

This Anderson adoption agency reaches out to birth moms looking for options for their babies. They understand that making the decision to find an adoptive family for your baby is a difficult one and not one to be made lightly. Not only do they provide a safe place for birth moms to talk through their options, but they also talk with birth fathers as well. The Miriam Project will meet with birth parents to discuss their questions and concerns for the future of their child and educate parents on the options available for their child.


For parents who choose adoption, this Christian adoption agency will work alongside them to choose the best family for their child. The Miriam Project also helps birth parents who wish to remain connected with their child stay in touch with their child and the adoptive family through several different avenues.


Adoptive Families

Families looking to adopt through the Miriam Project are Christian families who have signed The Miriam Project’s statement of faith and would like to open their arms to a child who needs a loving home. The profiles of these families can be found on The Miriam Project’s website so expectant parents can see who might be available to provide a loving home for their child. Adoptive families who adopt through this Anderson adoption agency also offer support for adoptive families such as adoption education, post-adoption support, and parenting education.

Miriam Project Adoption Services

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