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Guardian Tracking – Employee Performance Documentation in Anderson Indiana

Guardian Tracking

Guardian Tracking

Employee Performance Documentation

Developed by law enforcement officers in Anderson, Guardian Tracking is a software used for employee performance documentation, evaluation, and intervention. Leon Wasilewski and Mike Reed, the law enforcement officers who developed Guardian Tracking, were perplexed by why performance reviews only occurred once or twice a year, often long after any mistakes or offenses took place. They knew that employee performance could be greatly improved if it were viewed as a process rather than an event. They believed that if employees were given more guidance and training, employee performance would be greatly improved. Furthermore, they found that the employee performance documentation used from department to department varied greatly and was often unusable by other departments.


These inconsistencies in employee performance documentation became increasingly obvious as Wasilewski and Reed moved into other roles at the Anderson Police Department. They found that the issues they faced regarding employee performance were not just unique to their the Anderson Police Department but that they were universal and affected a number of fields. Thus, the two met with a software developer to discuss their ideas for improving employee performance documentation, and Guardian Tracking was developed.


The software is easy to access and use and provides easily accessible data, both for employees and their supervisors. Employees no longer have to wait for their performance review to know how they are doing. The following features make it an efficient way of tracking and improving employee performance:


  • Mass incident creation – for incidents involving multiple employees, only one entry must be made. From there, Guardian Tracking creates entries for each employee.
  • Early Warning Signs & Recognition Flags – Helps bring to attention both positive and negative events related to an employee and notifies their entire chain of command.
  • Query for similar entries – Provides the ability to locate similar instances and behavior patterns.
  • Document Flow – Supervisors can review and approve entries prior to their being published.
  • Confidential Entries – This allows entries to be made confidentially, protecting the identity of the person reporting an event.
  • Custom Fields – Helps make Guardian Tracking customizable for all industries

Guardian Tracking is being used by a number of Anderson businesses and establishments, including the Anderson University police department and others across the state.

Guardian Tracking

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