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Corporation for Economic Development – Job Growth in Anderson Indiana

Corporation for Economic Development

Corporation for Economic Development

Business Development, Job Growth, Economic Development

The corporation for economic development (CED) is committed to fostering business development, job growth, and economic diversity in the city of Anderson. The corporation was formed in the 1980’s through the merge of the Anderson Business Development Corporation and the Anderson Downtown Development Corporation. The CED is the organization that planned and developed the Flagship Enterprise Center, a location where a number of thriving businesses are located today. Additionally, the CED has acquired several vacant buildings and repurposed them for modern use.



Today, the CED works not only create job growth but also to retain jobs in Madison County. These efforts involve recruiting new business for Madison County as well as establishing initiatives that will help retain jobs. The CED also works to make Madison County an attractive place for large companies to build and settle so that in turn, more jobs are created in Madison County.


How the CED Can Help

The CED helps companies looking to settle in Madison county by helping locate a suitable building site along with local financing, whether it be through banks or other sources. They also assist companies in complying with local laws and cutting through the red tape. The CED is also able to provide crucial information necessary to enable quick decision making for these new companies. Additionally, they refer local professionals to design, build, and sell these business locations through the city, helping to facilitate overall economic development in the community by supporting current local businesses as well.

Corporation for Economic Development

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