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Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence

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The Center of Excellence for Design Technology Apprenticeship is a non-traditional educational program that employs an apprenticeship model to train and build design engineers who are trained in CAD and engineering services. Because of its association with the Miller Consulting Group, apprentices from the Center of Excellence get real-life experience as they work with clients of the Miller Consulting Group.


Apprentices from top engineering programs can start with The Center of Excellence in either high school or college and have access to training, mentorships, and specialized tools. Candidates are for the Center of Excellence are interviewed and complete an aptitude test to determine their proficiency in CAD Design Software. Once accepted, apprentices at The Center of Excellence gain experience in a variety of industries, including the automotive, medical devices, aerospace, and consumer product industries.


Once apprentices are accepted, they receive training from senior staff engineers. These instructors train and mentor students after school with a combination of self-study, on the job training, and classroom learning. Apprentices are trained in design and data management software such as the following:


  • CAD & CAM Training
  • SolidWorks Training
  • NX Training
  • solidCreo Training


  • Catia Training
  • Autodesk/AutoCAD Training
  • Introduction to GD&T Training
  • PMI – Product & Manufacturing
    Information Training


The Center of Excellence strives to provide locally sourced options for those in the engineering field while providing a future career path for their apprentices. Some of the services they offer include 3D Modeling, 2D drawing, product design and revisions, product and manufacturing information (PMI) and CAD Data Migration along with training in using the software listed above.


Partners of the Center of Excellence include Purdue University, the University of Louisville, Indiana Tech, Noblesville High School, Warsaw High school, Orthoworx, Miller Consulting Group, Crown PLC & Electrical Training, CATi, Siemens PLM, and IEDC. These partnerships allow schools to help students bridge the gap between knowledge and experience so they can contribute more fully to the field of engineering.

The Center of Excellence